Our procedures have changed temporarily due to COVID-19. Before visiting our spa, please call us on on the numbers above to book a timeslot and get details of what to do when you visit the spa.
Air-conditioned transport.


Collection service in neighboring suburbs within a 15km radius.


Please assist our drivers by ensuring that your pet/s are ready for collection. Your dog must please wear a fitted collar or harness and lead or we will use our own to ensure your pet’s safety.


Please ensure that cats are in their own cat box or advise us on booking if you’re would like to use one of ours.

Collection Services

We offer a collection service at an additional charge to and from the spa in neighbouring suburbs within a 15km radius. Our vehicles are air-conditioned ensuring your pets comfort and all pets are secure during transportation.


Unfortunately, we don’t offer a collection service on our open Saturday.

Get in touch with us

Get in touch to book your appointment or if you have any question, please don’t hesitate to send us a message for more information.