Activities, socialising and more.


Crazy work schedule? Worried about leaving your pet at home alone? Looking for some friends for your furkid to play with during the week? Our doggy day care will provide plenty of daytime activities and TLC, making those times when you can’t be there a million times better! We care when you can’t be there.



A fun filled day with plenty of activities, and loads of furry friends to play with.


The daycare is located on a plot giving ample space for your dog to be a dog.


Every dog deserves attention and affection when you can’t be there.


We offer a quality and affordable service because every dog deserves it.


From R90 Half Day and R120 Full Day

  • Fun!
  • Exercise
  • Plenty of TLC
  • Special Prices for Families and Regular service
  • Free Basic Pamper for pets with us for two consecutive weeks.

What we do


A bored dog is a naughty dog, from barking your neighbors mad, chewing up the couches, digging up the garden and running around in mad circles for seemingly no reason, nobody likes a bored dog. With enough space, toys, activities and energy to wear out even the most energetic lot. Every dog is free to enjoy a fun filled playtime for both their physical and mental stimulations. They are free to enjoy playtime as much as they need with only a little bit of structure for training. As one can always have too much of a good thing!



As highly social creatures, dogs need to interact with both humans and other dogs. Communication is the most valuable skill a dog can learn. All dogs at our daycare will learn essential social skills as well as bite inhibition, anti-jumping techniques and more basic obedience skills. Daycare can also perform a vital part in managing behavioural problems such as separation anxiety, destructive behaviour and excessive barking.



All our play groups are created based on size, activity level and individual compatibility. We have several playtimes throughout the day for different groups. Playtimes are monitored at all times by a playtime supervisor.



Arrival Time

Check-In Pick Up / Collection

Planned Play

Ball games, 
Rope, climbing, Chasing

Snack Time

Treats galore & Relaxation


Free Play

Home Time

Drop off or Collection

  • Vaccination:
    A copy of their vaccination card is required.
    They need to be fully vaccinated within the past 12 months.
    They need to have had their 5-in-1, Rabies and Kennel cough vaccines.
  • Own Treatments:
    We require tick & flea treatment as well as deworming to be administered onsite or proof provided. We have a shop that stocks all necessary treatments.
  • Bring Along:
    For daycare only bring along their collar and leash.

Complete the Booking form on the Booking Page

An invoice will be subsequently provided which needs to be settled in full prior to your companions stay.

During peak seasons, a 30-day notice needs to be provided where the deposit will be returned.