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Terms of Use

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Care of your dog:

What you need to know before bringing your dog to us for grooming:

Please take a moment to read the terms and conditions that help us run our stress-free spa, mobile spa and day care services.

We will do our utmost to care for your pet whilst they are in our care. We value feedback on our service to you and ask that you discuss the grooming session with us.

While every care is taken to ensure the safety of all pets while travelling to and from the Spa, or while in our care at our facility or onboard our mobile units, Jolly Dog (Pty) Ltd, its staff or owners, agents or partners cannot be held liable for any loss or injury to visitors, pets and/or property. We reserve the right to alter our pricing as and when required, at our sole discretion, without prior notice. Payment is due at the time of service and/or upon receipt of invoice. Right of admission to any of our facilities is reserved.

  1. Scheduled appointments: – We appreciate a minimum of 24 hours’ notice if you need to cancel your pet’s scheduled grooming appointment. Failure to cancel without prior notification may result in additional charges to cover fixed costs, and advance payment to secure your next appointment.
  2. Walk-in clients: – Walk-in customers are always welcome, prior booking is not required. Last bookings taken at 13:00. We will call you when your pet/s are finished and ready to go home.
  3. Toilet and refreshment breaks: – Please ensure that your pet/s has been to the toilet before their grooming appointment. Grassed areas and refreshment stations are available at the entrance to our spa for your convenience. We also ensure adequate toilet and refreshment breaks, as required, for all furry children throughout their time with us.
  4. Matted Coats: – We have a non-de-matting policy, all pets are to be protected from pain, injury, suffering and disease. Attempting to brush out heavy matting would lead to a great deal of discomfort for a dog or cat. Instead we will insist on a complete summer cut (shave), this is for the well-being of the of our furry client.
  5. Ticks & Fleas:- we will check for ticks & fleas during the consultation, and will advise you if your pet/s needs to be treated. Any furry child found to have ticks or fleas will be treated with a special dip / shampoo to kill the parasites on contact. The spa will also need to be treated to prevent cross contamination and therefore we may need to charge an additional fee to cover the costs involved. You will be advised to treat your furry child and your home environment to eradicate the problem, as the dip treatment will only deal with the parasites currently on your furry child and does not offer any lasting protection. Products for longer term protection will be recommended to you.
  6. Sedation: – We do not sedate any pets at our spa under any circumstances. Some Cats and Dogs do sometimes benefit from mild sedation for grooming but this is completely your choice as the owner. We encourage you to speak to your vet in this regard prior to grooming.
  7. Recent surgery: – We do not accept furry children for grooming that have recently had any surgery with stitches or open wounds. Please bring your pet back for grooming when they have healed sufficiently at home.
  8. Pregnant dogs: – Whilst every care is taken with every furry child, bitches that are pregnant are accepted for grooming at the owner’s risk.
  9. Challenging behaviour: – Some furry children may require a longer appointment time or a split appointment, due to excessively nervous or challenging behaviour. We will advise you of any alteration in charges before we begin.
  10. Aggressive pets: – While we have a great deal of experience and success in the grooming of difficult furry children, we reserve the right to halt the grooming process should a dog or cat become aggressive to the point of being a danger to staff or to his or herself. Full or part of the grooming charge may apply in these circumstances.
  11. Pre-existing conditions: – Please inform us of your furry child’s medical history prior to their spa treatment, this includes any medication that they are on at the time. Your groomer may uncover evidence of a health issue while grooming your pet and will always advise you of any further recommended actions i.e. visit to the vet, dietary requirements, treatment products etc.
  12. Grooming Styles: – We groom each furry child to the owner’s specifications, as far as the furry child will tolerate and the coat type and condition allows. We will always place a furry child’s welfare, safety and peace of mind above adherence to a particular style. In case of being unable for any reason to groom to the exact style wished for by the you, we will endeavour to contact you to discuss a suitable alternative style.
  13. Collections/Deliveries & Mobile: – We reserve the right to cancel any scheduled collection/delivery or mobile grooming appointment if your furry children are not ready for grooming when our drivers or mobile units arrive. Missed or repeated collections, deliveries or mobile grooming attempts will incur additional charges to cover costs.
  14. Collection and Delivery times: – Our drivers will generally collect between 07:30 -13:00 and deliver between 12:00 – 17:30. Should you require a specific collection or delivery time on a particular day, please contact us in advance to make the necessary arrangements.
  15. Timing: – Our reception staff will give you an estimated timeframe when you drop your furry child off with us on the day and will call you when they are ready to go home. Grooming is dependent on the breed types, coat condition and grooming requirements and therefore your pet may take longer than another arrived after you. A general turnaround time of around 3 hours can be anticipated in peak season.
  16. Early pick-up: – If you happen to be a few minutes early to collect, your dog may still be on the grooming table being attended to, please remain out of sight and hearing whilst you wait. Once your dog sees you and naturally starts to get excited, your groomer may have to consider the groom finished, for safety reasons.
  17. Conduct: – Our groomers work extremely hard, and care for each dog as if they were their own. Any abusive language or behaviour towards our staff or other visitors to the spa will not be tolerated.
  18. Your specifications: – We will groom your furry child to your specifications, which will be discussed with you when you drop them off at the spa or when you book your regular appointment. If you are sending your pet in with a friend or family member, please send written instructions or give us a quick call or WhatsApp to confirm your requirements. This eliminates any confusion which can occur when receiving a client’s wishes ‘second hand’. If you book your appointments with our collection service, you can leave your written instructions in as much detail as you wish, with the driver, by email or just give us a call. Standard grooming or grooming as per the last instructions we received, will then apply.
  19. Photographs: – We sometimes take photos of our furry clients before; during and after their grooms, which we keep on file to assist us in future grooms. We may use some photos in advertising our service and/or post to our social media sites. Most clients enjoy seeing their pet featured. Please let us know beforehand if you do not wish your pet’s photos to be made public.
  20. Pet Records: – Please provide a thorough account of any health issues, allergies or behavioural challenges appertaining to your pet. These notes are very valuable to us to give us a clear picture of the background before we begin to groom.
  21. Alterations: – If, after the groom is complete, there is anything about the groom that you would like altered, please advise us accordingly as soon as possible. We are never offended by timely requests to make minor changes, so please ask.
  22. Tipping: – Tips are never expected – but always appreciated.
  23. Payment methods: – We accept payment by EFT, Debit or Credit Card (in-store) and SnapScan. For security reasons Cash and Cheques are not accepted. Payment is to be made in full before leaving the spa with your pet.
  24. Payment terms: – We work on an invoice system for our Mobile Grooming and our Collect & Deliver services. Payment is due upon receipt of Invoice or on the day of service. No credit terms accepted unless by prior arrangement with us. When making payment by EFT or SnapScan please be sure to use your NAME & SURNAME as reference. Statements available upon your request only.
  25. Discounts: – no discount is offered for more than one dog as the time & effort taken to groom is no less than for a single one.


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